IBM Security leader talks political impact on Fintech

IBM Security leader talks political impact on Fintech

Corey Hamilton, Partner Director, IBM Security Services, discusses how political instability is destabalising fintech and the sectors most at risk

What are the Open Banking strategies used by banks? Paolo Sironi, Global Research Leader at IBM


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Interview Paolo Sironi, Leader In Banking And Finance, IBM Institute for Business Value

Paolo Sironi is a thought leader, author, academic, technologist, IBMer and entrepreneur. Paolo runs Wealth Management Investment Analytics – IBM Thought Leadership, where he leads important research in the fields of innovation for technology, wealth management, robo advisers and fintech in general applied to investment analytics, decision making, retirement and society. Paolo is also a member of the IBM Industry Academy.

Before moving to IBM in 2012, he founded and was the managing director of an investment analytics startup. He is a recognized author on books about portfolio management and FinTech innovation and speaks regularly to the media and industry leaders.

Paolo believes FinTech has three pillars: 1) innovation in finance, 2) innovation in technology, and 3) innovation in business models. And because he had worked in investment banking before coming to IBM, Paolo has a solid understanding of financial services industry challenges. In fact, Paolo started a FinTech company focused on business model innovations before joining IBM. Now, working for IBM, he is able to synthesize his knowledge of all three pillars into his career, and talk about them to industry leaders.

Paolo felt it was important to systematize the language and the knowledge around the three pillars, so he wrote three books about them. One was about innovation in investment management methodology, the second was about innovation in financial technology, and the third is about business model innovation within a regulatory framework.

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How AI Shaping the Fintech | Interview with Thad Vorozilchak, VP, Banking and Financial Markets, IBM

Financial IT meets Thad Vorozilchak, Vice President of Banking and Financial Markets of IBM at Money20/20 Europe 2023 to talk about AI, trends and challenges of the industry.

IBM CCO on Buying Apptio for $4.6 Billion

IBM will buy software company Apptio for $4.6 billion, marking the seventh acquisition this year as CEO Arvind Krishna pushes the company’s transformation into a hybrid-cloud and AI business. IBM Chief Commercial Officer Rob Thomas joins Ed Ludlow for more.
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